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ZBUM's Nissan Z31 300ZX WebSite

Greetings and thanks for stopping in. Please bear with me as I create a website devoted to the knowledge and understanding of my 1980's Nissan 300ZX.

I don't have enough pictures posted to this site, but for now, you can see them at:
My Z pictures
Other pictures I've taken

The purpose of this site will be to document repairs, modifications, and other Z related events.

09/01/13 - Whoa... I actually did something here? Interesting... Added a new voice warning (AKA Bitching Betty) information and repair page. ZBUM's Z31 300ZX Repairs - Bitching Betty

08/29/06 - Time for the Z31 300ZX calendars to get started. ZBUM's Z31 300ZX Calendar Submission Instructions.

02/27/06 - 2006 Z31 300ZX calendars are for sale finally. Better late than never, right?

01/15/06 - Picked up another car. Check out my 1998 Lexus GS300.

10/31/05 - Finally decided on the calendar pictures for the 2006 calendar year. 2006 Z31 Calendar Finalists Page

10/29/05 - AZ240SX had a BBQ and Pavillions meet tonight. AZ240SX BBQ and Pavs - October 29th, 2005

10/14/05 - Went to a birthday party for two of the local 240SX owners. AZ240SX Birthday Party - October 14th, 2005

09/03/05 - Had a huge house party to celebrate having a party. Monster house party at My House - September 3rd, 2005.

08/17/05 - Okay, it's about that time again. Z31 Calendar Submission Information Page

08/15/05 - Copied a set of information I posted on Basic 300ZX Z31 Information.

08/12/05 - Added the US Z32 registry to complete the 300ZX registries. US Z32 300ZX registry.

07/13/05 - Added fluid level information to the transmission and differential pages. Also created an anti-sway bar information page.

06/17/05 - Trying to clear up some issues with the 4 to 5 lug swap. Front. Rear.

06/05/05 - Went to a local 240SX member's birthday this weekend. Had an absolute blast racing karts around a new Phoenix indoor track.

05/26/05 - Took a nice road trip with the convertible last weekend. Branson Z Fest '05 - May 2005 - Branson, Missouri

04/12/05 - Put a new set of wheels and tires on the 'vert last night. ZBUM's 1988 Nissan 300ZX Straman Convertible updated.

04/01/05 - I bought a new car. It's a Scion xB. And it's bright yellow. No. This is NOT an April Fool's joke.

03/20/05 - Went to the NICO / Nissan Nationals at Firebird Raceway this weekend. I did it all for the nookie!

02/14/05 - AE and SS registries are online and searchable. Take a look and add yourself to the 1984 50th AE and 1988 300ZX SS registries.

01/30/05 - US Z31 registry created. How many Z31s came exactly like yours?

12/05/04 - Bought a 1988 300ZX Straman Convertible. I'm sick in the head and need help.

11/07/04 - 2005 Z31 Calendars are now for sale! 2005 Z31 Calendar Ordering information Page

11/05/04 - There were officially 1002 US 1988 SS models made. View the 1988 SS Registry Information

10/19/04 - Finally got the calendar results done. What a bitch to decide who won.

10/18/04 - Created a Z31 differential page. ZBUM's Z31 Differential Information Page

10/18/04 - Created a Z31 transmission page. ZBUM's Z31 Transmission Information Page

09/21/04 - Pilfered 1artworkz's writeup on polishing the heads. Brief Port & Polish Instructions

09/17/04 - Added a page about engine swaps. ZBUM's Z31 300ZX Modifications Link Page

07/28/04 - A while back, a friend and I took pictures of my car. Photoshoot for Summer 2004 issue of Sport Z Magazine.

07/25/04 - Due to popular demand (well, at least two people anyway). ZBUM's view on back pressure.

07/08/04 - Created the warning lights table. What do the Nissan Z31 300ZX Warning Lights mean?

07/01/04 - Updated the left menu and modifications, repairs, information and other pages. Starting on a Z31 sensor test section.

05/13/04 - Hosting Engloid's welder upgrade page. Engloid's TIG welder upgrade for stick welders.

05/06/04 - Keep seeing people post about spotting Z cars in movies and TV shows and couldn't find a compiled list anywhere. So I created my own Z Cars in Media list.

04/19/04 - I've decided to make another Z31 calendar for the 2005 calendar year. I'm a glutton for punishment.

04/12/04 - Installed and tested the prototype solid diff mount for The Specialty Shop. Created install instructions for the solid mount.